We all know what a giraffe looks like. It has a long neck.


Some people would argue that giraffes 'evolved' long necks to make it easier for them to reach food high up in trees.

Namely that natural mutations in early giraffes led to varieties that became better and better at doing something important to their survivial.


The images on this site evolve in a similar way.

They exist in a 'population' that mutates randomly from generation to generation.

Users on the site decide which images look most like a certain idea or topic. The ones that fail are killed off. In the giraffe analogy, these 'bad' images have short necks and all the food is high in the trees.

The 'good' images (the ones that users like) go on to produce new generations of images that look like them, but are a little bit different (hopefully a little bit 'better').

As time goes on the images mutate in ways that make them look more and more like what we think they should.